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New York Tax Attorney

IRS Tax Audit Lawyer Serving Clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan and all of NYC

Looking for solutions to your tax problems? You may be overwhelmed with tax debt, may be facing an IRS audit or may have questions about how to address issues with the taxation of foreign investments. In any of these or related issues, a New York City tax attorney at Melnik Law Group, PLLC can provide you with the guidance and representation you need. We understand the extensive amount of stress and anxiety - not to mention financial or even criminal liability - that may be associated with tax issues. Our goal is to provide workable solutions that address your particular problems swiftly and effectively.

When you work with a tax lawyer at our law firm, you get more than just attorney representation. In fact, our New York tax attorney Steven J. Melnik recently published his own book called Tax Relief and Resolution. This book is geared towards helping taxpayers resolve their tax issues and ultimately save money by offering guidance on how to pay out less to the IRS. Find out more and purchase his book on Amazon.

Here at Melnik Law Group, PLLC, you have the entire force of the firm behind you, including attorneys with experience in estate planning, probate, asset protection, life care planning and tax law, as well as CPAs and a dedicated support staff. All of these areas interrelate and allow us to offer personal, comprehensive legal counsel for our clients, often far beyond what they had ever hoped for. We represent taxpayers throughout all of Brooklyn, Manhattan and New York City, as well as throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Why hire a New York City tax lawyer?

When it comes to taxes and the laws that govern them, there is a lot to be taken into consideration. No one wants to incorrectly file or accidentally engage in fraudulent behaviors. Therefore, if you are questioning why you should hire a tax attorney it is important to keep in mind the many benefits that a legal professional can bring to the table. The burden of taxes can be a difficult one to bear, especially when you are less than confident in your ability to correctly adhere to all of the laws and stipulations that govern the financial field. These worries will seemingly disappear when you align yourself with a New York City tax lawyer from our firm. We have an abundant amount of experience in tax law dealings, from filing to preparation to foreign investments and everything else. Seeing to it that ours clients leave happy, confident, and secure in their tax law matters is our ultimate goal and we will go above and beyond in order to ensure that this happens.

There are various benefits to working with a lawyer to handle your tax matter. When you have a licensed tax attorney representing you in dealings with the IRS and other tax agencies, you will enjoy certain rights and privileges that only come with legal representation. For example, you will be protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege, which protects any and all communication between you and your attorney. This communication is considered confidential. A tax attorney cannot be forced to disclose confidential information to the IRS or any other opposing party. The Attorney-Client Privilege offers you with a safe and completely confidential environment to talk about your tax matters and divulge information that may otherwise place you at risk.

Make sure you have the experienced, dedicated legal counsel you need in the face of your tax issue. Our New York City law firm can provide you with strategic representation in negotiations and litigation to resolve your case. We can offer you help in the face of wage garnishment, tax liens, bank levies and can protect your interests in the face of an IRS or state tax audit.

Find out more about our services by contacting a New York tax lawyer at our firm today.

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